Everything you would like to know about GO Retail on Cloud

What is GO Retail on Cloud?

GO Retail on Cloud is SoftOne’s new integrated solution for the cash registers of small retail businesses. You can now acquire the most easy-to-use solution for issuing receipts and invoices, but also for managing your store.

To whom GO Retail on Cloud is addressed?

GO Retail on Cloud is the ideal solution for stores that want to get a modern and efficient application to manage their cash register. Specifically, it is ideal for all nano, small and medium-sized enterprises (kiosks, mini markets, grocery stores, convenience stores, etc.) that would like to have a contemporary cash register and store management software, at a low cost, that complies with all the new provisions of IAPR for data transmission to myDATA.

How much does the solution cost?

GO Retail on Cloud is offered as an integrated solution with certified hardware provided by SoftOne’s partners (see Equipment Section), who will provide and set up different hardware configurations depending on the customer’s operational needs and budget.

What knowledge do I need to have to operate GO Retail on Cloud?

SoftOne’s solution is designed by taking into consideration not only the experienced users, but also the beginners, requiring no special knowledge.

Can I issue invoices with GO Retail on Cloud?

GO Retail on Cloud works with electronic marking (SoftOne EINVOICING) and documents’ details are sent directly to IAPR’s myDATA platform.

Is an electronic tax register system hardware required?

No extra tax registry hardware is required to operate GO Retail on Cloud, since it is connected to a certified electronic invoicing provider – SoftOne EINVOICING.

How can I get GO Retail on Cloud?

Contact us today to learn about subscriptions and how to get SoftOne’s new advanced solution.

How secure is my business data?

Your business data is securely stored on the cloud, while you can access it from any device.

Does GO Retail on Cloud operate offline?

Yes, GO Retail on Cloud offers the possibility to operate your cash register even when you are offline. While the cash register is offline, it will not be possible to electronically mark the documents or forward them to IAPR. This will take place once the internet connection is restored.